Hand Drawn Animation


Serial Drawings /// Graphite on Paper /// Photoshop /// Video

Animation made for the multidisciplinary project “STADTWANDLER”.
A live performance including sound, light and video.
HAW Hamburg /// 2010
Conception: Simon Janssen, Lena Lambertz, Jonas Link, Michel Wähling
Drawing/Animation: Lena Lambertz
Sound: Jonas Link, Michel Wähling
Cut: Simon Janssen, Lena Lambertz, Jonas Link

Special Thanks to Almut Schneider and Björn Verloh



Serial Drawings /// Graphite on Paper /// Video-Animation

HAW Hamburg 2009

Conception, Drawing and Animation by Lena Lambertz.
Special Thanks to: Britta von Heintze, Udo Engel, Vladimir Lesciov and Almut Schneider